Texte ADAF 2023

ADAF 2024

This year, ADAF aspire to rejuvenate the concept of « Maisons du peuple » through your creations—also known as volkshuizen or « houses of the people. » Originating in Belgium around the 1900s, these buildings were constructed for and utilized by the working class, a concept later embraced by numerous other nations.


19-26 September 2024

Rue d’Arlon 104
1040 Brussels


Entrance Hall | Game Rooms | Living Rooms | Shops | Theaters …

Team 2024

ScenographyCaterina Dubini
Doras Alver
Luca Roman
Miguel Gonçalves-Alver
Graphic DesignAsh Lizzies
Anna Penso
Caterina Dubini
Doras Alver
Editorial DesignAnna Penso
Caterina Dubini
Doras Alver
PhotographyAntoine Grenez
CoordinationAsh Lizzies
Doras Alver
Miguel Gonçalves-Alver
CommunicationAsh Lizzies
VideoEmma Lassaigne
PartnershipsMaria Figueira
Production ManagementThomas Schellenberger
CurationMiguel Gonçalves-Alver
CollaborationMorgan Dulong & Kaatje Lemaire
WebAsh Lizzies
Doras Alver


A Domestic Art Fair 2023 featured a scenography with “Common” as the theme.

Common living experiences were one of the first instances of a design towards an inclusive society in domestic environment. ADAF 2023 aimed to explore domestic design and its role in gender equality through the pieces created by 105 Belgium-based artists.

“The history of cohousing started over two thousand years ago, when Pythagoras founded Homakoeion, a vegetarian commune, based on intellectualism, mysticism and the equality of the sexes.” (Meltzer, 2006)


15-18 June 2023

Studio CityGate
Rue des Goujons 152
1070 Anderlecht




Abel Jallais | Fireplace
Alice Janne | Trestle
Alice Pandolfo | Hanging bench
Anna Van Durme | Chair
Antoine Carbonne | Table cloth
Antoine Grenez | Mirror ball
Antoinette Dansembourg | Floor lamp
Antonin Kremer | Book shelf
Arthur Desportes | DJ booth

Arthur Halbique | Bedside table
Aurèle His Belliard | Lounge chair

Aymeric Tarrade | Pendant light
Benjamin Jaubert | Bathrobe
Benjamin Volckaerts | Big couch

Bhadar International & COCO-MAT.Bike | Bike
Bruno Hellenbosch | Workboard
Carlín Díaz | Coat hanger
Carole Mousset | Table
Cee Füllemann | Chessboard
Celina Vleugels | Screen
Cérà | Candle
Chanoirs | Game
Charlotte Stuby & Susanne Fischer | Curtain
Clara Thomine | Coffee table
Cléo Totti | Bedside table
Daphnae Bay | Carpet
David Evrard | Barstool
Deborah Bowmann | Coat rack

Diego Thielemans

& Benjamin De Backer | Pendant light
Earthstone Project | Coffee table
Edito Masse | Lounge chair
Elize Charcosset | Barstool
Emil Schiegnitz | Chair
Emma Lassaigne | Bed & Screen
Esteph | Pendant light
Félix Gastout | Stool

Florent Valmassoni | Vase
Floriana Da Silva | Book holder
Franck Rausch | Ashtray
François Bousquet | Reading light

François De Jonge | Bed
Giammarco Falcone | Mirror
Giovanni Fortenio | Vase
Giulia Vetri | Vase
Grou Serra

& Milosz Martyniak | Vanity station
Harold Lechien | Shelf
Hélène Moreau | Lounge chair
Ian Watson | Chair

Irina Favero-Longo | Key holder & Coat hanger & Dishcloth holder
Isis Lherm | Carpet
Jean Casanova Castell | Bench
Juliet Merie | Mini-bar
Juliette Cazalic | Shoes rack
Kamilė Krasauskaité | Curtain
Laetitia Bica | Curtain
Lindert Steegen

& Niels Raoul Boone | Ashtray & Cabinet & Vase
Lithic Alliance | Planter
Louis Danjou

& Jonnathan Marti | Vanity
Lucas Roman | Soap & Soap Holder
Manuel Sajn | Wall light
Marie Sardin | Cutting board
Martynas Gailiusas | Laundry basket
Melanie Payen | Growing system
Melisa Gammarota | Stool
Mia Wallance Von Dalz

& Nina Dee | Heater
Miguel Gonçalves-Alver

& Wissel Architectuur Studio | Bar counter
Miles Suarez-Piedra | Pendant light

Milka Kongi | Bench
Naïmé Perrette | Light
Nina Petitot Mestdagh | Garbage bin
Noa Verborgh | Reading bench
Quentin Caillaud | Coffee table & stools
Rachel Magnan | Neon light
Rémi Lambert | Book shelf
Rémy Tith | Speaker
Rik Peeters | Game
Rokko Miyoshi | Chair
Romain Zacchi | Growing light
Salomé Delfosse | Pendant light
Sandrine Astier | Pendant light

Sara Villa | Long bench

Sarah & Charles | Fountain
Sarah Margnetti | Mattress

Shankar Lestréhan | Light

Sukrii Kural | Bed cover
Sybille Deligne | Candle rack
Théo Boissonade | Mirror
Thiel E. Man | Arm chair
Thomas Schellenberger | Hammer
Tommie | Napkin
Valentin Souquet | Radio
Victor Delestre | Watering can
Victoria Parvanova | Big pillow
Yen Proesmans | Table
Yesul Kim | Growing light


Atelier | Bar | Bedsroom | Dressing | Eatingroom | Gameroom | Growroom | Heat The Room | Library | Music Hall | Projection Room | Wetroom

Team 2023

ScenographyADAF 2023 Team
Graphic DesignAngelo Dorasoglu Marseille & Candice Witpas
Editorial DesignAnna Penso & Caterina Dubini
PhotographyAntoine Grenez
CoordinationAsh Lizzies & Doras Alver & Miguel Gonçalves-Alver
CommunicationAsh Lizzies & Maria Figueira
VideoEmma Lassaigne
BeerLa Jungle
Production ManagementMaria Figueira & Thomas Schellenberger
CurationMiguel Gonçalves-Alver
CollaborationMorgan Dulong & Kaatje Lemaire
LocationStudio CityGate
TalkMoussa Cheniguel & Lydia Karagiannaki
WebThéo Boissonade